Create WOW moments 

  • Creating WOW moments is at the core of Wingal. WOW is such a powerful, all encompasing word. It means 'you did a great job', 'I did not expect that', 'that is beautiful' and 'you took my breath away'. WOW is about creating surprises that people love and exceeding expectations. WOW means people talk, and when people talk, magic happens. WOW moments can come from customer service, going that extra mile to make sure the tissue paper is scented with your favourite scent, or it can be persistently hunting down a bargain or coming to work in a head-turning outfit. WOW moments not only grow a company, they make it a house hold name, the customer's logical choice and best friend. 

Perform RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) 

  • Performing RAKs goes hand in hand with creating WOW moments. Many WOW moments can come from little pieces of good that you sow in the world. We all crave kindness, recognition and love so lets give them away to make someone's day a little bit better. A RAK is not a sales tool, or an advertisement or the hope of a referral! RAKs are a way of life... because YOU want to make the world a better place. A RAK can be helping an old lady with her groceries, giving a genuine compliment, bringing your mum her favourite cup of tea... RAKs are performed without being asked and without expecting anything in return! Share your RAKs with us and lets brighten someone's day!

Think like an owner 

  • An owner is invested in the outcomes of their decisions! They take responsibility for what did happen, what is currently happening and what will happen in the future. They are insatiable and always want to keep growing. They take risks when an opportunity arises. They listen to their gut instinct and don't wait for others to act first. They have grit and stand up when they fall. But they are also careful and think through their choices. Courage is rewarded, following is not. Think like an owner, because you are one. You're an owner of your life, your choices, your happiness. 

Make smiles happen 

  • Smiles are the universal language. They are gifts that costs nothing but can mean everything. They are the one thing that will make you poorer the more you hoard them and richer the more you give them away. Making a smile happen is like magic, it delivers happiness to both the giver and the receiver. Give smiles to those who have none because those are the ones that need them the most. Be the reason someone smiles everyday.  

Lead without regrets 

  • Leadership is not about positions, titles or org charts, it is about the actions of one, touching and improving the lives of many. Everyone can be a leader. A leader is someone who motivates and inspires others to dream more, do more and be more. It is someone who does what is right, not what is easy. Someone who translates dreams into reality and earns their respect everyday. A leader doesn't regret their decisions but owns up to their mistakes. Be a leader without regrets. 

Live life-love life 

  • Life is all about experiences. The good ones, the happy ones, the sad ones...Being human means going through it all and seeking more. Life is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but no matter where we are in the journey we should love it. Love the fact that we are alive and capable of experiencing all these emotions. Take a moment to be grateful and continue to collect experiences, not things. 


  • Today, in a world that tries to make us like everyone else, it is so easy to get lost.  We try to become someone we are not in order to impress, fit in, get a promotion...But your best work happens when you are simply being you and not trying to hide or change the parts that you think others don't want to see. There is nothing more powerful than someone who is unapologetically comfortable with themselves, confident in their little imperfections. So, be you. Be a little bit weird, have fun and never apologise for being the most fabulous version of you. 

Be grateful

  • Gratefulness is at the core of happiness. Even during the most challenging of times there is so much to be thankful for...waking up in the morning, the ability to feel emotions, the struggles which have got us to where we are today. In a world that is constantly searching for more, never lose sight of what you already have. At Wingal we are grateful for every new customer, for every setback (and believe us, there's been plenty) which teaches us something new, for every opportunity no matter how big or small. Take a second to be grateful and share your thankful moments with us. 


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