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We know that there are so many different styles that people have, from romantic and girly and full of lace and soft florals, to ​urban and retro with bright colours and geometric prints.


So how do we get it right?

We have developed a list of questions we ask every single customer once we receive the order. These are the questions you can expect us to ask you when we call after receiving your order. 

  1.  What is your favourite colour? 

  2. If you were to choose between nude and black which colour would you choose? 

  3. Do you prefer skirts or pants? 

  4. What length skirts do you typically wear?

  5. What length shorts do you typically wear?

  6. Do you like denim?

  7. Do you wear your clothes quite tight, loose or in between?

  8. Do you like lace? 

  9. Do you like embroidery?

  10. Do you like patterns (stripes, dots, florals, abstract)? 

  11. Do you have preferences about the neckline of clothes (i.e. not plunging)?

  12. Would you wear tops/dresses with an open or low back?

  13. Would you wear a crop top?

  14. Would you wear a sheer fabric?

If you also provide us with your social media handles, we will check your social media profiles to ensure we choose clothes that fit with your style.