Wingal is not a traditional company with a compulsory, yet forgotten, mission statement. We believe in our mission 110% and are doing everything we can to make it happen. 

Simply put, we believe two things:

1) That business can change the world 

2) Poverty can truly be solved only through sustainable job creation and entrepreneur-ism

That's why we have combined these two elements and will be launching Wingal Seeds! 

Wingal Seeds will be a for-profit, sustainable business which will empower the poorest women in the world to become entrepreneurs. These women will design and manufacture underwear which makes them personally feel sexy, powerful and empowered. Wingal will be selling the products and passing 50% of its profits back to these entrepreneurs. By doing so, these women will be able to quadruple their typical income and in turn empower their children and communities. 

100% of Wingal's profit will be directed towards starting this business. The support you provide will be a huge step for Wingal Seeds and we thank you from the bottom of our heart! However, this is nothing compared to what this means for these women. Where a sewing machine is the difference between starvation and feeding the family, between poverty and education, between desperation and dignity, you have just provided them with the most precious gift: opportunity!


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